At Hoffman Academy, you can learn effective and healthy techniques for beautiful singing with an experienced teacher who will help develop your voice to its fullest potential. Our teachers use proven techniques and vocal exercises to help develop a free, resonant, and beautiful singing tone.  In combination with teacher-selected repertoire chosen for optimal vocal development, students are allowed to pursue the styles of music they enjoy, whether it be classical, folk, pop, or Broadway musicals.
Partner Voice Lessons
  • Ages: 8+, beginner level only
  • Group size: 2 students
  • 60-minute lessons
Private Voice Lessons
  • Ages: 8 to adult
  • 30-minute lessons for ages 8-10 only
  • 45-minute or 60-minute lessons for ages 10 and up
  • Voice/Piano students must register for 60-minute lessons
Partner Lessons: Overview

Learn proven techniques for healthy, beautiful singing in a relaxed, fun atmosphere!  Partner voice lessons involve small groups of 2 students of similar age and ability. During each lesson, each student will receive one-on-one attention and feedback from one of our experienced teachers.  Students also gain experience by learning side by side with another singer, with multiple opportunities for duet collaboration as well.   Ideal for beginners, early teenage students, or those wishing to focus on singing with a partner.
Private Lessons: Overview

Private lessons are the ideal choice for the student who is ready and eager to advance his or her voice skills at a more focused and rapid pace. Private lessons afford your teacher the flexibility to customize lessons to the needs, learning style and specific interests of each student.

Private lessons will focus on:
  • Developing a proper, healthy singing technique with a free, resonant tone
  • Increasing vocal range and agility
  • Learning to interpret and express music of diverse styles and genres
  • Gaining confidence in performing
  • Building sightsinging abilities
  • Learning literature in foreign languages (for students interested in classical genres)
Voice: Private Lessons and Partner Lessons
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