Parent Reviews About Our Teachers:

"Ms. Elizabeth has been a fabulous teacher for my daughter and only increased by feelings about Hoffman Academy as a great place for musical instruction. She has an impressive depth of knowledge around many aspects of music, and makes learning fun and challenging for her students."
- Paige S., parent of 2 students

"Mr. Nick is really good at making sure my son get the skill and song correct before progressing to the next page... He is a diligent, capable and patient. I would definitely let Mr. Nick teach my other son and will definitely recommend him to our friends without any hesitation."
- Xinle Y., parent

"Ms. Theresa is a great teacher. She has great positive attitude and is very approachable. She quickly identifies the issues and the challenges and is able to balance between working through them and having great fun. She is also flexible and attentive – she gave our daughter the opportunity to bring pieces that she liked which greatly motivates her."
- Efrat Y., parent

"Patrick is such a blessing for Brenden. I was worried no one would have enough patience for Brenden but Patrick is so kind with him and Brenden enjoys going to his lessons. Patrick definately adapts the lessons for Brenden's needs."   
       – Jennifer E., parent

"Ms. Alisa is very patient and adapts her teaching style to my daughter's needs. Her love of teaching piano comes across in her excitement and energy level. My daughter loves going to her lessons so that she can show Ms. Alisa how she has progressed."
- Shawna S., parent 

"Joe is genuine in teaching and his enjoyment in sharing guitar skills. He is sensitive to what my student is motivated by."        
       - Anonymous

"Ms. Cassy does an oustanding job of integrating foundational music study with just plain fun! Her students develop rhythm, pitch recognition, and music terminology through singing, movement and instruments."
- Carol S., parent of Musical Beginnings student

"She (Anne) is fabulous! She knows both my kids well and gives them the best education I could ever hope for!"  
       - Corinne F., parent

"Mahroo has been a wonderful teacher."  
       - Elaine U., parent

"My daughter loves Miss Cassy! Her warmth and enthusiasm infuse every class. She relates to young children so well and I love how she makes the classes so fun that they don't realize what a great musical foundation they are building."
- Michelle O., parent 

"Teachers are always very encouraging and are very engaged with the children. I enjoy sitting and watching the lesson."  
       - Julie C., parent

"Becca has been a wonderful teacher for Zach. The quality of her teaching is very good and she always provides feedback in an encouraging manner. Zach really enjoys his lessons."  
       - Merrily A., parent

"Ms. Alisa has built a positive and collaborative musical relationship with our daughter. Ms. Alisa's enthusiasm toward our daughter's effort during her lessons inspires her motivation and practice time at home."
- Anne S., parent

"It's clear the teachers love teaching music to children and are very invested in their musical education."  
       - Anonymous

"We love Mahroo. She is the perfect combination of a little fun and a lot of teaching." 
- Kate L., parent 

"Joseph and Jeremy have a wonderful bond and this helps to motivate Jeremy to do his best. He has learned so much both about music and about life :-)"   
       - Bonnie D., parent

"Michelle is very positive and works well with my student- so glad we found her. My son actually enjoys practicing." 
       - Anonymous

"I've been very happy with the progress Kaela has made in piano since starting lessons with Michelle in January. Voice is coming along nicely too..."  
       - Grace L., parent  

"My kids' teacher has had an amazing ability to positively motivate my children in their study of piano. He has just the right amount of kindness balanced with strictness... He is an excellent musician and a superb teacher."
-Robin M., parent of 3 students 

"Joseph has provided such a thoughtful, well-rounded music education program. He has capitalized on so many great philosophies and rolled them into one fine program. He has incorporated ear training, dictation, rhythm work, composition, technical training, and reading. You couldn't ask for a more dedicated teacher with a very up-to-date background on the latest and greatest in piano teaching. He clearly has a grasp of how young children learn and uses games and goal setting to great advantage to build desire in the children."
-Karen B., piano teacher  

"Recitals and masterclasses were always well planned and organized, which was important to me, but more important for my children was that they were fun... our teacher made lessons enjoyable by using creative motivational techniques combined with kindness. He was also able to 'adjust' his teaching style and expectations for the different personalities and ages of my three boys which range from 7 to 17, quiet to gregarious."
-Cynthia S., parent of 3 students

“I am really pleased with the progress Aaron and Lauren have made in just one year.  Aaron in particular LOVES to play the piano.  It seems any time he walks past the piano he has to sit down and play something.  I love it.”
-Kim R., parent of 2 students

"Joseph's patience with my son, and his understanding of how kids learn best. He always makes lessons a positive experience and celebrates the little successes." 
-Bonnie D., parent

"Mr. Hoffman is a highly skilled and motivating teacher. Our daughter has flourished under his teaching style and musicianship. I have really enjoyed the original curriculum that Mr. Hoffman has developed as it combines important aspects of many methods." 
-Emily T., parent

"Peter has really enjoyed working with Joseph this year. I really appreciate that Joseph has kept him interested in continuing his piano studies..." 
-Anne B., parent

"The instruction is amazing! My teacher has taught me more than I ever thought possible. It is so fun to be able to play so much better than I used to. He is patient and encouraging, but challenges me, too." 
-Mareen F., student

Things our families like most about 
Hoffman Academy of Music: 

... "positive environment and a good understanding of 
what works for children."   
       - Anonymous

... "I know that my children are getting excellent music 
lessons which are fun and engaging."
       - Julie C., parent of 3 student

... "the instructors are fantastic!"  
       - Shawna S., parent

... "I am completely confident that when I go to the Hoffman Academy, I'm going to get a talented, dedicated teacher. No buyer's anxiety. For my musical growth, each of my teachers  (3 and counting) has been willing to partner with me and help me to fill in the gaps in my musical training. I have been able to grow in the way I wanted to, and at a pace I could support and enjoy."
       -Tom F., student

... "the music curriculum and quality of instruction. We have been very impressed."  
       - Merrily A., parent

... "Positive environment. Professional teachers." 
       - Melanie H., parent

... "I have found the instructors to be highly motivated and always encouraging to the students. The level of instruction has been beyond my expectations. My overall experience has been very positive and I am looking forward to continuing my lessons."
- Amy B., parent

... "Our kids are learning music theory and how to create and enjoy making their own music. I love it that they will spend time at the piano on their own creating, or trying to figure out something they've heard." 
- Ron T., parent of 3 students

... "personalized teaching. I feel that each one of my kids is treated like an individual with special talents and gifts."   
       - Corinne F., parent of 3 students

... "the atmosphere of the program--the recitals are especially well planned. I enjoy that teachers perform at the events, but the focus is still squarely on the student performers."          - Anonymous

... "the curriculum and repertoire are well planned and skill focused, yet full of fun and variety so that young children are happy to meet the challenges."  
       - Anonymous

... "Teacher's positive attitude and instruction are always helping our kids to motivate to go on."        - Masako J., parent

... "I love that Kaela can take piano and voice lessons with the same person at the same time."        - Grace L., parent

... "the curriculum of traditional songs interspersed with literature at the early levels. I'm especially impressed with how the Musical Beginnings feeds right into the next 2 levels."   
       - Heidi E., parent

... "Fun learning environment"  
       - Tharika P., parent of 2 students

... "the fun programs such as the music money and movie recital as they are motivating for my children."  
       - Jennifer E., parent of 3 students

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