Learning to play the piano musically requires much more than just learning to play the right notes. It requires careful and proper development of hands, ears, mind and heart. At Hoffman Academy, our teachers challenge and encourage each student to achieve excellence in their playing, while also seeking to instill a life-long love and appreciation for music.
Piano Teams for Kids

Piano Teams Overview

Packed with musical learning, Piano Teams help students quickly acquire musical skills at the piano while also building keen understanding in music theory and music notation reading. Our carefully designed curriculum includes proper playing technique and posture, note and rhythm reading, ear training, transposition, and improvisation. Each student is stationed at his/her own full-length 88-key digital piano (with weighted keys) to provide maximum playing time during the class. The classroom is also equiped with a beautiful, new Yamaha U-1 acoustic upright which all students will also have the opportunity to play on. Students love the small, interactive group setting, which creates wonderful motivation and makes a student's first experience with piano a positive one. Parents love that their child is happy and eager to go to lessons, and that they are laying a foundation for a lifetime of joyful music making!
Partner Piano Lessons

Partner Lessons: Overview

In Partner Lessons, your child will be paired with another student of similar age and ability. This kind of peer environment creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere for learning and helps children discover the joy of making music with other people.

Our philosophy is that the enjoyment of real music making experiences must be present from the very first lesson. For this reason, at Hoffman Academy, we use an innovative curriculum that quickly builds an impressive repertoire of piano songs that children love to play, while simulatenously developing rhythmic and aural competency.  Students are encouraged to improvise and compose from the beginning, engaging the amazing creative power every child possesses. By two months, most kids are already playing songs hands together with confidence! Then, students are guided to discover the visual elements of music notation and gradually grow in confidence in reading music for themselves from music books.

In the first year of Partner Lessons, students will learn:
  • Proper, healthy technique and posture for piano playing
  • An extensive repertoire of piano songs, performed from memory
  • Reading and performing rhythms
  • Reading notes on the staff
  • Other basics of music theory and music notation
  • Solfa singing (do, re, mi, etc.)
  • Ear training
  • Improvisation and composing
For more detailed information about partner lessons, please download:
Private Piano Lessons
Private Lessons: Overview

Private lessons are the ideal choice for the student who is ready and eager to advance his or her skills on the piano at a more focused and rapid pace. Private lessons also afford your teacher the flexibility to customize lessons to the needs, learning style and specific interests of each student. Each student will have the opportunity to perform numerous times throughout the year, at our semesterly Academy recitals and at our Group Musicianship classes (Come Together Week) twice each semester.

Private lessons will focus on:
  • Developing a proper, healthy technique while building strength, speed, and agility in the fingers
  • Building a repertoire of piano literature
  • Learning to interpret and express music of diverse styles and genres
  • Gaining confidence in performing from memory
  • Building sightreading abilities
  • Learning to play in an ensemble
  • Growing an understanding of more advanced music theory concepts, such as harmony, transposition, and composition/improvisation
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  • Spring 2015 classes begin the week of February 2, 2015
  • Ages: 5 - 11
  • Duration: 18 sessions per semester
  • Class size: 3-8 students
  • Parent Time: One parent joins class for the last 15 minutes

    Class times offered- SPRING 2015
      LevelPrerequisite Day    Time    Ages Instructor

Prep Ano experience requiredMonday    4:50-5:50pm 7-11   Kohl   
Prep Ano experience requiredTuesday   3:40-4:40pm 5-6     Hoffman  

Prep Bcompletion of Prep A required     Monday    3:40-4:40pm 6-8     Kohl   
Prep Bcompletion of Prep A required     Wednesday      4:50-5:50pm 5-6     Hoffman
Prep Bcompletion of Prep A required     Thursday   4:50-5:50pm7-11    Rowberg

Level 1A     completion of Prep B required    Tuesday    4:50-5:50pm 7-11   Rowberg
Level 1A     completion of Prep B required    Thursday   3:40-4:40pm 6-8     Rowberg

Level 1B     completion of Level 1A required  Monday    12:00-1:00pm      7-11    Kohl
Level 1B     completion of Level 1A required  Tuesday    6:00-7:00pm6-9     Rowberg
Level 1B     completion of Level 1A required  Wednesday      3:40-4:40pm6-9     Hoffman   

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Piano: Group Classes & Private/Partner Lessons
  • Ages: 7 to adult
  • Duration: 18 sessions per semester
  • Parent attendance: We recommend one parent the lesson when student is under 12 years of age
  • 45-minute and 60-minute lessons times are available, M-F 2-9pm or Sat 9am-2pm (other times based on teacher availability)

  • Ages: 6+
  • Duration: 18 sessions per semester
  • Class size: 2 students
  • Parent attendance: One parent is required to attend the lesson
  • 45-minute or 60-minute lessons times are available, M-F 2-9pm or Sat 9am-2pm (other times based on teacher availability)
Piano Teams Group Piano Instruction (Ages 5-11)

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Private Piano Lessons  (Ages 7 to adult)
"I am really pleased with the progress Aaron and Lauren have made in just one year. Aaron in particular LOVES to play the piano. It seems any time he walks past the piano he has to sit down and play something. I love it."
- Kim R., parent of 2 students
in Piano Teams
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