Adult Piano Teams

We may be biased, but we firmly believe that music making is one of the most fulfilling forms of recreation and self expression an adult can engage in. Forget about talent--music making is for everyone, regardless of ability level. Whether you are an advanced musician looking to bring your skills to a higher level, or whether you are a brand new beginner who knows absolutely zero about music, you will find a teacher at Hoffman Academy who will enjoy patiently guiding and encouraging you in reaching your goals.

Lessons Tailored for YOU
Our lessons for adults are 100% customizable to your own goals. We can pair you with a teacher who can help you learn popular styles like rock or jazz, or we can place you with a teacher who can help you with Beethoven sonatas. Our teachers are here to help YOU, and we can be flexible around your goals and how much practice time you have available. Hate playing in recitals? Relax. Recitals are 100% optional for adults. Play if you like... or pass. Zero pressure, we promise.

Still not sure?
If you're still not sure that this is right for you, we offer a 1-time Evaluation Lesson (for a fee) where you can come in and try out a lesson with one of our friendly and expert teachers. Just contact our office by email or phone (503.336.3121) to set up your Evaluation Lesson today. We can't wait to help get you started with the awesome journey of music making.
Adult Piano Teams Overview
"I've always wanted to learn to play the piano." If this describes you, this is your opportunity to make this dream a reality! In this 10-week course, you will learn the basics of music at the piano in a casual, supportive setting with fellow beginning students. The course curriculum includes how to play with proper technique and posture, note and rhythm reading, ear training, transposition, and improvisation. Each student will be stationed at a digital piano with weighted keys and headphones, providing the opportunity for individual work, as well as ensemble playing as a group. The group setting provides support, motivation and encouragement as we learn together, asking questions you may have always wanted to know about the piano and music! Whether reaching a particular goal or working towards a piece you've always wanted to play, this introductory class will provide a solid musical foundation, new musical skills and an even greater appreciation of the piano and music.
Partner Lessons Overview

If you have a friend who would also like to take music lessons and is at a similar level, this class is for you! This kind of peer environment creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere for learning and helps students discover the joy of making music with other people.

Our philosophy is that the enjoyment of real music making experiences must be present from the very first lesson. For this reason, at Hoffman Academy, we use an innovative curriculum that quickly builds an impressive repertoire of piano songs that children love to play, while simulatenously developing rhythmic and aural competency.  Students are encouraged to improvise and compose from the beginning, engaging the amazing creative power every child possesses. By two months, most students are already playing songs hands together with confidence! Then they are guided to discover the visual elements of music notation and gradually grow in confidence in reading music for themselves from music books.

In the first year of Partner Lessons, students will learn:
  • Proper, healthy technique and posture for piano playing
  • An extensive repertoire of piano songs, performed from memory
  • Reading and performing rhythms
  • Reading notes on the staff
  • Other basics of music theory and music notation
  • Solfa singing (do, re, mi, etc.)
  • Ear training
  • Improvisation and composing
Private & Partner Lessons
Private Lessons Overview

Private lessons are the ideal choice for the student who is ready and eager to advance his or her music skills at a more focused and rapid pace. Private lessons also afford your teacher the flexibility to customize lessons to the needs, learning style and specific interests of each student. Each student will have the opportunity to perform numerous times throughout the year, at our semesterly Academy recitals and at our Group Musicianship (Come Together Week) classes every 6 weeks.

Private lessons will focus on:
  • Developing a proper, healthy technique while building strength, speed, and agility in the fingers
  • Building a repertoire of music literature
  • Learning to interpret and express music of diverse styles and genres
  • Gaining confidence in performing from memory
  • Building sightreading abilities
  • Learning to play in an ensemble
  • Growing in an understanding of more advanced music theory concepts, such as harmony, transposition, and composition/improvisation
  • Duration: three 10 week sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Class size: 3-8 students
  • Instructor: Elizabeth Kohl

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Adult Music Lessons
  • Disciplines: Piano, Guitar, and Voice
  • Duration: 18 lessons per semester
  • 45-minute and 60-minute lessons times are available
  • Piano: M-F 2-9pm or Sat 9am-2pm, Guitar: M-W 2-9pm, Voice: Wed 2-9pm or Sat 9am-3pm
  • Earlier weekday times also available depending on teacher availability
  • Private lessons: one student per class, Partner lessons: two students per class

Coaching Sessions  Piano, Guitar, and Voice
Adult Piano Teams Group Piano Instruction for Beginners

Choose one to learn more:
Private & Partner Lessons  Piano, Guitar, and Voice
Coaching Sessions (Adult Students Only)
  • Disciplines: Piano, Guitar, and Voice
  • 45-minute and 60-minute lessons times are available (usually M-F before 3pm or after 7pm)
  • Flexibly scheduled based on your and your teacher's availability
  • One on one instruction with you teacher

Coaching Sessions Overview

Coaching sessions are ideal for students whose busy schedules prevent them from committing to a regular weekly lesson time. A coaching session is just like a regular private lesson, except that coaching sessions can be scheduled and cancelled flexibly (with 24 hours notice), and you pay only for the lessons you schedule. Coaching sessions are also a great choice for students with short-term needs like preparing for an audition. Coaching sessions are 100% customizable to help you to meet your own goals. Coaching sessions are scheduled based on teacher availability, typically M-F before 3pm and after 7:30pm. Call the Academy office at 503.336.3121 or email for more information.
Sessions offered:

Fall 2014 (no class Thanksgiving week)
  • Prep Level: Wednesdays 12:30-1:30pm, Oct 1 – Dec 10

WInter 2015
  • Prep Level: Tuesdays 11:15am-12:15pm, Jan 13-Mar 17
  • Level 1: Wednesdays 12:30-1:30pm, Jan 14-Mar 18

Spring 2015
  • Level 1: Tuesdays 11:15am-12:15pm, Apr 7-Jun 9
  • Level 2: Wednesdays 12:30-1:30pm, Apr 8-Jun 10

Additional beginner classes may be added in Winter & Spring, depending on demand. Please check our website approximately 6 weeks before each session for more details.

Now Accepting New Students for Fall 2014